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HKO Therapy Counselling and Psychotherapy in the City of London

The What, Where, Why and How of Therapy

Who seeks therapy?
People from all walks of life consider therapy for any number of reasons at different times in their lives.I work with individuals seeking help with emotional, personal or relationship difficulties including:

  • Feelings of depression,emptiness or a loss of sense of self
  • Low self esteem/self-confidence
  • Difficulty in expressing feelings
  • Identity, race and sense of self issues
  • Feelings of stress & anxiety
  • Difficulties starting, sustaining or ending relationship issues
  • Panic attacks
  • Trauma
  • Family conflicts, worries or crises
  • Loneliness & feelings of isolation
  • Bereavement & loss
  • General counselling & personal development (understanding yourself better).
  • Work related problems or workplace Stress

    What will happen in therapy?
    Therapy is a safe, confidential and non-judegmental space for thinking about feelings in private, allowing for reflection and change, growth and development as and when the client is ready.

    Exploring concerns?
    Exploring concerns whether they be difficulties or aspirations happens through the developing relationship with the therapist, who the client feels understands them and supports by commenting and interpreting in a way that aims to seek understanding. Often these concerns can be new (i.e. work redundancy), longstanding (i.e. relationships), troublesome (i.e.difficult past events) and conflicting or negatively confirming results that the person experiences in a way that is limiting. The therapeutic space is about working through this for change to happen in a deep and lasting way.

    Why would I choose therapy?
    Therapy is for people with a wide range of concerns from all backgrounds. Some people are looking for meaning in their lives, have a sense of dissatisfaction about themselves or concerned about their reality of a lack of fulfillment. For other people, anxiety, depression or relationship difficulties are what they want to find a way of dealing with. Therapy is a choice to attempt making sense of life experiences that remain inaccessible to meaning and purpose for moving forward in life for the present and future.

    How long is a session?
    Sessions are at the same time, and on the same day each week and last for 50 minutes.

    How long does therapy last?
    This is discussed and worked out in the initial meeting based on each client's needs and concerns. In general though, It is unusual for therapy to last for less than six sessions and psychodynamic psychotherapy may last for two years or more.

    I have heard that it can make me feel worse, is this true?
    There are times in therapy when, acknowledging feelings that may have been avoided for some time such as loss in various ways, traumatic events, disturbed past, present relationships or behaviours can leave the client feeling down or depressed. This is where the relationship with the therapist is important and the therapy is given time for the client to work through these feelings and move on to a more fulfilled sense of self.

    I have heard that people can become dependent on therapy?
    Building a relationship in order to seek meaning and understanding can stir feelings of dependancy. This is useful where the therapist can be trusted to be dependable and honest where the client finds their way forward towards an independent life.

    What happens if I have nothing left to talk about?
    Because therapy fosters the clients' understanding of themselves, once initial concerns, issues and difficulties begin to feel understood and make sense, the therapy usually moves into exploring how these difficulties can form patterns in experience and get worked through in the relationship that develops with the therapist.

    What to expect from the therapist ?
    As a skilled therapist I will listen to you and help you understand how your past experiences, worriers about the future or concerns about self confidence maybe affecting your life presently. Together, we will reflect on your response to various life events and explore the ways in which you relate to yourself and others. My role as your therapist is not to give you advice or tell you what to do, rather my aim is to help you make your own choices based on a deeper understanding of yourself.

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